Language management.

Understand and create understanding.

Language as a key to success

Tolerance towards non-native speakers – that’s a given on a personal, private level, but it's not so straightforward when it comes to producing a correct translation with all its cultural and linguistic nuances. Avoid the common pitfalls and communicate with your customers on the same linguistic level: with clarity, unambiguously and engagingly!

Our in-house language management department has years of experience, close links with renowned translation services, and manages the translation workflow in around 40 languages. Native speakers translate and proofread the content, always applying the two-man rule.

You benefit from:

  • High-quality translations and long-term quality assurance
  • Reduced project durations thanks to an optimised workflow
  • Savings both in terms of time and costs

Entertainment or expertise?

Avoid embarrassing moments!

Quick check:

  • Do you have an in-house department for coordinating all of your translation processes?
  • Are your translation services closely connected?
  • Do you have standard terminology for the source language and all target languages, i.e. a vocabulary used internally and with which all employees are familiar?
  • Do you use central translation memories or terminology databases in the company?
  • What do your quality control processes look like? Are native speakers involved in the translation process?

One “no” is enough!

We support you in the set-up, design and productive phase of your internal language management department. Alternatively, we can offer you the entire service package externally.

Language management from a single source?

We can do that for you

  • Optimisation of the translation workflow and standardisation of in-house terminology in coordination with your departments, branches and trading partners
  • Consistent translation of all types of content taking into account local, market-specific and linguistic particularities
  • Support in the development of a standardised corporate language
  • Project participants receive access to standardised sources; all translations and terminologies are stored centrally
  • Use of CAT tools, translation memories and terminology databases for long-term quality assurance and cost savings
  • Translation and interpretation coordination (internal and external)
  • Proofreading of translated content in the output channels and preparation for further processing of translated texts
  • Export and import of translations from content management systems such as FirstSpirit
  • Transfer of the results to the corresponding output channels

Man and machine complement each other perfectly.

You reap the rewards.

  • The translations are carried out by native speakers
  • High quality is guaranteed thanks to a core group of translators
  • Quality control – also involving native speakers – is a given
  • Continuous training and education and use of the latest technologies
  • Automation of the translation process through match analysis, pre-translation based on existing translations, terminology recognition
  • If texts are updated on a regular basis, only those sections that are actually new are translated
  • Digitisation of the translation process means existing translations are easily retrievable


Do you need a customised language management solution for your company and your communication channels? Let’s arrange a meeting and talk about it.

Contact us.


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