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Campaign for the Rhomberg Sersa Rail Group

Expert campaign for the Rhomberg Sersa Rail Group

Anyone who's ever witnessed a rail construction site is always impressed by the manpower and the innovative, ultra-automated high-tech machinery in use. Industry experts understand the sequence of events at a basic level. However, what goes on exactly behind the scenes is also very interesting for professionals and often new to them.

Good enough reason for the Rhomberg Sersa Rail Group to launch a campaign that not only highlights the topics relevant to the company, but in particular the people and ideas behind them.


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Expert campaign for the Rhomberg Sersa Rail Group
Expert campaign for the Rhomberg Sersa Rail Group

We know the industry

The Rhomberg Sersa Rail Group has been a customer of ours for many years now and we have executed countless campaigns for them. Their innovative spirit comes to light in all operational areas, allowing them to offer time- and cost-optimised solutions for infrastructure projects. In addition to state-of-the-art machine technology, above everything else it is the innovative procedures and work processes, some of which are developed in-house, that lead to significant gains in efficiency.

Creating visibility

on all channels

Our tasks as part of the campaign? Conception, preparation, development and production of video interviews and podcast contributions, content creation as well as preparation of all materials for a landing page and other output channels!

We make ideas and innovations visible.

Expert campaign for the Rhomberg Sersa Rail Group

Directing visitors

All roads lead to the landing page

All activities taking place as part of the campaign aim to direct the visitor to theRSRG’s “Year of Rail”special page. Here we publish a new and exciting topic every month for a whole year. The web page provides an overview of all the topics with links directing the visitor to specific target pages, consisting of an introductory text, interview and podcast.

Expert campaign for the Rhomberg Sersa Rail Group

In-depth knowledge of the topic

Experts have their say

An expert from Rhomberg Sersa is assigned to each topic. Nobody has such in-depth knowledge of the topic, nobody can explain their area of expertise better. Specialists explain what drives them and what they are passionate about in detailed video and podcast interviews on the web page. These web pages will be published gradually over the course of the year.

Expert campaign for the Rhomberg Sersa Rail Group


is the year of rail

Incidentally – parallel timing of events: 2021 is the proclaimed Year of Rail; rail being the mobility of the future. Whilst this was not the reason for launching the campaign, it certainly is a good pretext. Ultimately, the Rhomberg Sersa Rail Group's priorities are always visionary thinking, sustainable action and a high degree of responsibility towards people and the environment.

An example of sustainability in practice: For each new subscriber to the newsletter, the company will plant a tree in cooperation with PLANT-MY-TREE®.

Our aim

Multiple use:

You don’t always need new things to make something new!

Expert campaign for the Rhomberg Sersa Rail Group

Expert interviews

Output medium on the one hand, basis for further content creation on the other

Good preparation is everything. After extensive preliminary discussions, drafting interview questions and creating the storyboard, our film team travelled across Germany, Austria and Switzerland to conduct the expert interviews on-site. The editing and finishing touches were carried out in post-production: placement of captions, intro and outro animations, inserts, cutaways and much more. You can also listen to podcast versions of the interviews and subscribe.

Our language management team got involved to ensure that all the interviews were accessible to an international audience. All of the interviews have English subtitles.

More traffic

Newsletters and social media posts support the campaign and aim to direct users to the Year of Rail special page.

Expert campaign for the Rhomberg Sersa Rail Group

The newsletter

Brilliant topics, interesting guests – that requires attention! For each topic, we create a newsletter to arouse the reader’s curiosity about the respective expert interview. The basis of the newsletter is the content from the expert interviews – freshly prepared and optimised for the newsletter output channel.

Expert campaign for the Rhomberg Sersa Rail Group

Social Media

We also post content on our Instagram and LinkedIn social media channels, usually twice weekly. Here, too, we provide output-optimised texts. The content basis for these posts? Our expert interviews, of course …


We’ll be glad to support you in your next campaign.

To get a first impression of what we can do for you, please visit thespecial web pageof the Rhomberg Sersa Rail Group.


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