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One-pagers have gained enormous importance in recent years. Thanks to their efficient user navigation and simple structure, they are becoming more and more popular. They are particularly suited for websites with content on a specific topic that is presented on a single page. The art lies in the perfectly orchestrated interplay of concept, technology and content. This is just one of the reasons why they are ideal for storytelling with a linear flow of reading. We had the chance to create several such thematically oriented focus pages for WACKER.


  • Brand identity
  • Project management
  • ...


  • Conception
  • Web design
  • Front-end development
  • ...


  • Chemistry
  • ...

Concise information, playful elements

No sub-pages, no confusing navigation – one-pagers present their entire content on a single HTML web page. Single-page content is the answer to users’ need for well-structured information broken down to its essentials. The interplay of concise text, graphics and animations creates an extraordinary and memorable browsing experience. In short: it opens new routes of communication and ultimately helps to strengthen a modern brand image.

WACKER focus page Construction

Focus Construction

With their construction division, the chemicals company aims to master infrastructure challenges. Our focus page gives you a glimpse of the future of building.



Do you know the WACKER ACADEMY? We created a focus page to introduce the concept, methods and content of the training centres.

Focus on WACKER

One-pagers are perfect for simply and yet elegantly telling the story of a product, an application, a campaign or a business division. Wacker Chemie AG, for whom we did a lot of work as part of their relaunch, gave us the opportunity to emphasise different areas using single-page content.

WACKER focus page

Under the “Focus” tab on the WACKER website, special topics are addressed at regular intervals. For instance, we delivered special pages on the topics of “Focus WACKER ACADEMY” and “Focus Construction” . These pages act as teasers for an overarching subject, which is presented in particularly appealing graphics. To delve deeper into the subject, there are launch tiles at the end of the pages that lead to further related content.

Effective animations

The parallax effects of the scroll animations are not only impressive, they underscore the impact of embedded images and graphics. This visual effect places design objects on different levels in front of each other. During scrolling or other actions, these objects are then moved relative to one another at different speeds, simulating spatiality or motion.

The possibilities for one-pagers are virtually limitless. They are technologically implemented in HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Of course, we make sure that older browser versions and mobile devices that do not support these effects still offer a comparable user experience.


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