Rail infra­struc­ture despite alpine challenges

Metre-gauge film for Sersa Switzerland

Rail work at night

Switzerland is not just famous for accurate watches, alpine horns and yodelling, cheese, chocolate, fondue, chocolate fondue, a somewhat convenient neutrality, lots of money, bankers with questionable ethics or indeed none at all, and a legendary lethargic sluggishness, it is also famous for its first-class railway infrastructure. Sersa Switzerland is famous for creating and maintaining such infrastructure, while stodt might be famous for being fond of railway traffic. We were therefore delighted that the Swiss company gave us the opportunity to shoot a film about its metre-gauge segment in 2018 – while also avoiding some traditional yodelling in front of a rolling camera.


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All clichés and joking aside. What’s not in doubt is that Switzerland has the densest rail network in the world – despite the fact that large portions of the country face significant infrastructural challenges due to its alpine landscape. The construction and maintenance of meter-gauge and rack-railway lines necessary as a result requires expert knowledge and technologies. Sersa, the full railway engineering service provider, succeeds in meeting these challenges.

The five-minute corporate video that we put together documents the services of the company in the metre-gauge segment – entertaining and stimulating while also highlighting the technical challenges involved.

Sersa Switzerland safeguards mobility through its technology and expertise in the area of metre gauges, even in seemingly impassable environments. Our film crew was on the road with the Swiss company once again to document this knowledge and expertise.

You can watch the corporate video here

In terms of language and content, this video is aimed at both specialists and decision makers and also the public.

A train at dusk

On the Bernina Pass line, 1682 m of railway track needs to be completely replaced within two weeks. Track closures can only take place at night because the Bernina line is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and must be accessible to tourists during the day.

Aerial view of tracks

Using vivid images, partly based on drone technology, the video highlights both the peculiarities and challenges of the Swiss landscape and the services provided by Sersa in the metre-gauge segment.

Working on the tracks at night

The Bernina line has very tight radii. The area is extremely remote. Sersa is using special machinery, some of which was developed in-house, to complete the difficult work more quickly and efficiently.

Sersa workers on the track

With more than 40 years of experience – not least thanks to its extensive machine park featuring the latest high-performance machines – the Swiss company has worked its way to the top and is now the market leader.

At the end of the day, the images and words contained in the video highlight the special role that Sersa plays in the construction and maintenance of metre gauges for Switzerland. Our objective was to show the responsibility borne by the company and its highly specialised workers who strive to ensure the country’s mobility even in the most inaccessible of terrains.

This responsibility and the impressive work performed by Sersa employees are the central themes of the video.


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