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comes from within

Sustainable, deliberately minimalist and well-thought-out living is in fashion and fast becoming an interesting alternative for more and more people. Quality of life does not depend on the number of rooms you have, as shown by Rhomberg Bau with its micro living concept.


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The DAVID apartment is a true spatial miracle. It’s totally functional and has been fully furnished using high quality, timelessly classic materials. On top of that, the apartments are situated in attractive, central locations. Small living is combined with numerous services and communal areas for social gatherings. Together you are less alone!

Virtual date

DAVID opens his doors

DAVID is extending an invitation to a virtual tour. Our VR application is the door opener: We have developed an application using floor plans and 3D models to offer a truly close-up experience. It’s ideal for potential buyers as they can get a real sense of the space, the furnishings and other features of the apartment.


Neat and tidy bathroom

All DAVID apartments have the same layout and are fully furnished. The virtual visitor can explore every inch of the dwelling – every cupboard, every drawer, every nook and cranny can be seen, showing just how much space there is inside this tiny little home. The bathroom is also a space sensation, thoughtfully designed to the last detail and an eye-catcher to boot.

As individual

as its inhabitants

Individuality is still preserved, because floor coverings and materials can be changed during the tour – and this totally changes the character of the room.


Realistic representation

At the headquarters of Rhomberg Bau in Bregenz, Austria, micro living is celebrated as an experience. While the layout of the apartment is displayed on the floor, visitors can immerse themselves in the virtual world using a VR headset. Don’t forget: Arrange a date!


Could it be something for you, too?

Just take a look here...

For a first impression, watch a video of the VR application here.

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