WACKER general meetings

Set an example for the shareholders

WACKER HV – stand for the VR Construction application

General meetings usually discuss money, dividends and decisions. Shareholders want the know the latest on business development; they want to help shape the future of the company and know how high their dividend is. The company is on the test bench and needs to shine – also in terms of its framework programme and self-portrayal. At the end of the day, this event only happens once a year.


  • Project management
  • Communication planning
  • ...


  • Conception
  • Motion design
  • Room design & events
  • ...


  • Chemistry
  • ...

WACKER is forging new paths in customer communication. To make product benefits and advantages more transparent, to create new and strengthen existing customer relationships and to provide sales representatives with supportive instruments. We stand side-by-side with WACKER on the path towards cross-media networking and provide support in the form of apps, XR technologies, films and a new website. Basically, the whole repertoire.

The general meetings explain what’s going on now and what’s expected to be standard in the future. For this, too, we create the appropriate backdrop, through an appealing stand concept, high-quality wall design and technological equipment. It's growing year on year – the best indicator of high customer satisfaction.

Example 2017

Presentation areas for image films, loop animations and the WACKER Square App

WACKER HV – screen projection

Image film perfectly presented:

We were responsible for the visual effects and 3D animations in the joint project with jump medien. The presentation was shown on a big screen at the general meeting: in 8K resolution, in cinema wide-screen film format with a projection area of 16 metres across.

WACKER HV – monitor wall

Loop animation on a split-screen:

9 x 46-inch monitors show how WACKER silicon is being used in the automotive sector.

WACKER HV – oversized iPhone with WACKER Square App

An 80-inch display installed in a 2-metre iPhone frame as a presentation area for the WACKER Square App.

Example 2018

Kubus enables digital tour

WACKER HV – WACKER Square App stand

AR-based object recognition: Exhibits are brought to life by AR markers and show how and where WACKER products are installed.

WACKER HV – demonstration of VR application

AR-based image recognition also works with print products and is the perfect tool when it comes to combining print products with digital content. Two-dimensional brochures become digital worlds to experience. Shareholders were able to test the technology on the displayed calendar sheets directly using their own end devices.

WACKER HV – demonstration with HoloLens

The Mixed Reality application was presented indoors. Just put on the HoloLens and off you go!

Example 2019

XR takes centre stage

This time we designed the entire stand area based on the topic of digitisation. This encompassed the stand’s creative and technical conception, the creation of wall designs and also the individual applications. There was plenty to try out and discover, both old things and new things, such as the VR Construction corner and the Markerless AR area. On top of that, we again provided graphics and animations for the opening film.

WACKER HV – stand based on AR

Markerless AR

The AR application can be controlled directly via WACKER Square AR and projected onto any flat surface; image or object recognition are no longer necessary.

WACKER HV – stand for the VR Construction application

VR Construction

Topics include local challenges for the construction industry and the appropriate solutions from WACKER. A virtual journey around the world! Learn more here !

WACKER HV – stand presenting XR


Elaborate design: The wall units provided a balanced backdrop for the exhibits and the perfect space for the presentation of information.


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