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Documentary film about an aid project in India

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Supporting disadvantaged children is something very close to Ernst Gerhofer’s heart. The entrepreneur from Munich became aware of the Aktionsgruppe “Kinder in Not” e. V. through working with our agency. At that moment, he decided to get involved in India, too. Together with our film crew, Gerhofer travelled to Palamaner where we shot a short documentary about the aid project.


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The un­touch­ables of Palamaner

Extreme poverty reigns in the region of Palamaner, situated in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. Even though the caste system was officially abolished in the 50s, real life tells a different story: People are still discriminated against based on the old social structures.

The “untouchables” as they are known rank below the four main castes. They are viewed as filthy and worthless. The consequences: social ostracism and poverty. They are refused access to education. It’s almost impossible for children to escape from this social cage.

Education centres and wells for a better life

To give them the chance of a brighter future, Ernst Gerhofer – in collaboration with the Aktionsgruppe “Kinder in Not” e. V. and the locally-based CSA Trust (Centre for Social Action Trust) – is supporting the construction and maintenance of two education centres complete with wells.

You can watch the film here
Ernst Gerhofer

Everyone can help – documentaries as a way to help

stodt has shot several films about projects implemented by the action group over the years. We aim to convey a direct and moving appreciation of the situation there through our film and photographic documentaries about the various aid projects.

This is how we want to use our resources to try to encourage people to make a contribution to improving the lives of those most in need. Our film about the Kinder Care Special School for disadvantaged children, for example, was the catalyst for Ernst Gerhofer’s decision to expand his social engagement to India.

You can watch the film here
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Get involved, too!

Do your bit to make the world a better place. If you are interested in the work the Aktionsgruppe “Kinder in Not” e.V. does, you can find out more here .


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