3D Visualiser

Works with Cinema 4D – Relaxes with Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

3D at stodt? That’s the work of our 3D Visualiser Andreas.

He models, rigs and renders until everything looks really great. Sometimes better than the original.

In the interview, you’ll find out everything about our office plant ambassador with the green thumb, about bad weather and the winter blues, about brooding and getting up early.

Warm-up question for getting started:

What’s your name?

Andreas Frey

Titles, titles, titles:

What is your job title?

I am a 3D visualiser. That sounds pretty broad, but it’s the most precise description: I model, rig and render 3D models until everything looks just right.

My tools: Cinema 4D, SketchUp and a few others …

Master, Dipl.-Ing. or Dr. med.:

What is your educational title, meaning what did you actually study?

I earned my degree in communications design in 2006 at Wuppertal University.

What everyone has always wanted to know:

What do you do at stodt?

Apart from working with 3D data, I water the office plants, come in late and leave even later.

Look behind the scenes:

What can you do and why?

I am an overthinker, but thanks to therapy I now only get distracted when the weather is bad. To keep the blues in check, I draw.

Experience is a good thing, too:

How long have you been with stodt?

Since September 2014 and still happy with it.

Customers, machines, pixels, a warm office or coffee:

Why are you passionate about your job?

At college, one of my professors once told me I was a supernova in the woods: a huge spectacle, but nobody sees it. Astro-physically, that’s nonsense, but it sounds good. And now I am burning in the right place.

Be honest, but not so honest we have to censor your answer:

What gets on your nerves sometimes?

Getting up in the morning. Always. Sometimes I wake up at 5:00, can’t get back to sleep, then get tired at 7:00 but have to get up.


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