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Virtual living room with a view of a megacity at night

“Are you ready? We’ll now take you on a trip around the world.” Together with stodt, WACKER is forging innovative paths in customer communication: WACKER Construction-VR takes you the observer on a virtual guided tour around the globe. The virtual reality application has allowed us to present local challenges facing the construction industry and suitable solutions from WACKER and create a unique, immersive and informative experience.


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Virtual metropolis

The VR simulation guides the user through five scenarios in which current challenges from the construction industry are visualised in impressive images. Here you see our megacity.

Virtual rainforest

In our tropical scenario, we show how WACKER offers sustainable solutions for the preservation of structures through hydrophobic impregnation in areas with high humidity.

Virtual desert

In this desert landscape, we show how WACKER products significantly change the processing times of dry mortar and also improve adhesion and durability in extreme heat.

Virtual winter landscape with northern lights

Time to cool down? It is a little cooler in our winter world. With its thermal insulation systems and water-repellent, breathable silicone resin emulsion paints, WACKER helps keep the cold out.

Virtual underwater world

Thanks to WACKER and Sponge City technology, flooded metropolises like these, where rainwater cannot be absorbed into the ground, remain virtual. Open-pored drain concrete with high mechanical strength can be produced using WACKER products.

What might have seemed like science fiction in the 80s is on the verge of becoming mainstream today:

The outside world is overlaid or replaced with other worlds …

Virtual reality (VR for short) is the term used to describe the representation and perception of a computer-generated interactive environment and its physical properties. In short: The actual outside world is overlaid with another type of reality – an artificial reality that becomes the central focus of the user.

Users generally wear a headset that completely covers their field of vision. This headset registers head movements and adjusts images or video footage accordingly, which gives the user the feeling of being right in the middle of the virtual world – a state known as immersion.

Sketch of VR headset

Experience instead of observing

WACKER Construction VR gives the user much more to see and experience compared with other similar types of media available at present and does so in an immersive manner. This is achieved through these somewhat exaggerated image worlds which WACKER conveys to users in a direct yet unreal way.

Virtual living room with a view of a metropolis
Virtual living room

Virtual insights and solutions that can be experienced

Extended reality technologies such as augmented or mixed reality as a bridge between the real and digital world and also VR have massive potential. This opens up a host of new information channels and worlds of experience for marketing – allowing products from chemical company Wacker to appear less abstract and indeed more visible and even tangible.

Together with WACKER, we’ve embarked on this journey into a new fascinating world and added new dimensions to the here and now.

User with VR headset

The future is virtual

Virtual reality will without doubt revolutionise media use in the future. Approximately one in ten Germans have already tried out virtual reality – a number that is expected to increase dramatically over the next few years. In the future, experts anticipate that VR technology will have a similar impact on society as the smartphone has had.


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