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Wacker Chemie AG

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The news that reached us in 2018 was something else indeed: international chemical company Wacker Chemie AG commissioned us with relaunching its Internet presence. Wow and phew – that pretty much sums up the emotional state of the stodt team in onomatopoeic terms because we were responsible for the lion’s share of the project.


  • Communication consulting
  • Project management
  • Campaign planning
  • ...


  • Conception
  • Longcopy/shortcopy
  • Web design
  • Back-end development
  • Web development
  • ...


  • Chemistry
  • ...

Everything new

from planning to go-live

All in all, our responsibilities and tasks under the leadership of Carsten Stodt as Creative Director were as follows: New conception, design, programming, introduction of new content, text and image editing and creation of company-specific pages in CMS FirstSpirit.

A job for the entire agency and then some. Project participants from our side included project management and support, web developers, web designers, web editors, SEO managers, art directors, back- and front-end programmers and also our technology partner neusta.

The different breakpoints of the new WACKER web page on different devices

Digital chemicals

WACKER charged us with the task of creating an informative, responsive, intuitive, modern and – last but not least – attractive-looking web page.

See the result for yourself!
Screenshot of WACKER home page

Modern ways of cooperation: Project management and team on customer and agency side use collaboration tools Jira and Confluence.

Screenshot of WACKER news page

Depth of information: Hundreds of text collaboration pages.

Close-up of sole of shoe in purple light

New image worlds: The eyes also want to be stimulated.

Screenshot of the page WACKER Southeast Asia

WACKER worldwide: Global locations welcome visitors with content specific to the region.

Screenshot of WACKER financial news

Target group in focus: No navel-gazing – we address the customer.

Under­stand Observe Refine

The stodt software development team and our UX team put the focus on user-friendliness. In this regard, the team senses requirements that the user is often unaware of. Here the team always has its sights firmly set on the operability and user-friendliness of a digital application. The principle: “Design for Usability” – involve users, let them evaluate and implement these evaluations into the correction immediately. The fact is: the better the user can orient himself in an application, the more likely he is to be able to use it properly and reap the benefits.

In addition to general usability criteria such as efficiency, clarity and control­lability, the most important thing here is: the user experience.

A high level of user-friendliness increases user satisfaction, keeps visitors on the site and therefore ultimately yields the success for the company.


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