HoloLens application for WACKER

Holograms for the auto­motive and e-mobility division

Person with HoloLens and virtual representation

stodt reveals WACKER’s innovative capacity with one of the perhaps most exciting technologies of our time: the Microsoft HoloLens. The green light was given to what is only the eleventh project of its kind in the world at Microsoft’s Germany headquarters in Munich. Present at the kick-off were responsible representatives from Wacker Chemie AG, Microsoft HoloLens product developers and Unity specialists, as well as the concept and 3D team from stodt.


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The goal:

To create an application that visualises relevant silicon products from WACKER using a virtual automobile in its original dimensions – modern products that require an equally modern presentation. The new medium of mixed reality is ideal for this purpose. stodt and Microsoft are working hand-in-hand for WACKER on a presentation that is as exciting as it is vivid.

Screenshot of e-mobility
Screenshot of automotive

Seen through the HoloLens:

In our automotive and e-mobility application, we use holograms – placed anywhere in the room – to show the innovative power of WACKER products.

How the HoloLens works

Holograms simulate the possibility of being able to touch the car with your own hands in real space.

The user puts on a pair of HoloLens glasses, through which holograms are projected into the field of vision in a real environment. The car appears and becomes transparent. The HoloLens allows you to wander around the car, inspect its details close-up and view particular features of the model using gestures and voice commands, watch films and images and also move the car and change its size.

Premiere at CIIE

Shanghai in November 2018: At the first-ever China International Import Expo (CIIE), an initiative of the Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China and the regional government of Shanghai, the application was presented to the public for the first time.

Trade fair participants with HoloLens
View of trade fair in Shanghai
Trade fair participants with HoloLens
HoloLens users at the trade fair in Shanghai

E-Mobility for China

CIIE was the perfect opportunity for Wacker Chemie AG to present its products and solutions to Chinese buyers. Here the company emphasised, among other things, the e-mobility aspect of the application.

The HoloLens gives users fascinating and detailed insights into one of the most relevant topics of our time – entertaining, informative, with lots of interactive features, an exciting journey through time showing the history of mobility and a special new guide function.


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