ErgoPlus from VÖGELE

Application for the innovative operating system

Machine and tablet application

The more technology a machine has, the more important the operating concept. Only when operators can quickly grasp all functions and work ergonomically can they get all work processes under firm control. With the introduction of the VÖGELE ErgoPlus machine operating concept, we joined forces with the VÖGELE marketing team to develop an application that puts the focus on the operating elements and displays of the revolutionary operating concept.

One thing quickly became clear: the application is not only suitable for use at trade fairs and events, it is also an essential training tool.


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It all began in 2005 with the application “One family, one concept – the new VÖGELE pavers of the 1600 and 1800 classes”. This was the first time we discussed the subject of paver operation at VÖGELE: a chapter on the topic of user-friendliness with the operating concept V-Tronic. The blueprint for all subsequent applications so to speak and the foundation for the years of collaboration between stodt and VÖGELE.

In 2015, ten years after developing the first application and introducing the third paver generation at VÖGELE, we – stodt in close collaboration with VÖGELE – began work on a new development that would make it easier for users, apprentices, trainers and trainees, trade fair visitors and interested parties in equal measure to access the world of VÖGELE pavers – initially for pavers in the US market at ConExpo in Las Vegas and subsequently for other international markets. As the internationalisation of the company gathered pace, demand for more and more language and market versions increased including Chinese and Arabic in addition to the “traditional” European languages. Learn more here about our Language Management.

Image of the application
Image of the application
Image of the application
Image of the application
Image of the application
Image of the application
Image of the application
Image of the application
Image of the application
Image of the application
External control station and smartphone application

And now in an era of smartphones and tablets? We adapt the application for the international market as a fully responsive HTML5 web application and as an app for mobile devices: 11 films and building site animations, numerous high-quality 3D simulations and two coherent display applications with over 150 individual views and around 1,400 descriptive text units leave no question unanswered and once again show the many benefits of this operating system that is unique in the industry.

Today ErgoPlus is synonymous with simple and logical machine operation. And for good reason: The innovative system makes operators the focal point. Have a look at our application and see for yourself.

You can view the application here


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