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Rhomberg Sersa Rail Group at InnoTrans 2018

HoloLens in use at the trade fair

“This trade fair was just incredible!”
Konrad Schnyder, President of the Rhomberg Sersa Rail Group Owner Board

Picks and shovels are things of the past in railway track construction. Digitisation is the topic of the future. Complete suppliers for railway infrastructure like the Rhomberg Sersa Rail Group are relaunching and upgrading. What better place to present such new innovations than the InnoTrans trade fair? The 2018 trade fair stand was placed entirely in the hands of stodt – from proposals, through design, to mixed reality and everything in-between.


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Well placed

The Sersa stand was striking, even from a long way off. It offered generous meeting areas and confidential discussion rooms. It showed off market innovations and invited visitors to digital presentation areas. In short, an eye-catcher. And everyone came – this year’s visitor numbers broke all records.

Our concept took into account the customer’s sustainability and cost-saving requirements. Modular panelling elements and the economical use of effective structures made from only few materials formed the basis. Sounds austere? Not at all. From these specifications, our designers conjured up a 12 x 13 metre-long, two-level, modular meeting room covering a total area of 256 m2, with open window fronts and intimate retreats.

InnoTrans 2018 - retrospect
Rhomberg Sersa stand concept
Rhomberg Sersa stand concept
Rhomberg Sersa stand concept
Rhomberg Sersa stand concept
Rhomberg Sersa stand concept
Focus on the Rhomberg Sersa logo on the trade fair stand
Rhomberg Sersa stand concept

This year’s content focus: digitisation in railway track construction. But how to familiarise the visitors with the topic in focus? stodt’s answer: the symbiosis of a traditional stand design and multimedia content. For example via product videos that skilfully link real film scenes with 3D animations, supplemented by very traditional and tangible exhibits!

Presentation of the future technology that is Smart Rail Safety

With what? With the future technology of mixed reality

Passengers who have to enter or exit a train right next to a track construction site are all too familiar with this: A piercing “toot toot”, workers jumping off the tracks, the train passes through. Everything usually goes well, but the responsibility of the safety wardens is enormous. Smart Rail Safety is making construction sites safer – and the premiere could be seen at InnoTrans.

How could a digital system like this be demonstrated both vividly and memorably? Mixed reality was our solution: We used MR technology to project the image of a complete construction site in action onto a model landscape. Trains, workers, safety wardens, construction machines – everything was present. Goggles on, and immerse yourself in the world of railway track construction. Experience up close how Smart Rail Safety works.

“I’m delighted about how well-received it has all been here – about the great customer reaction and the energy here at the stand.”
Hubert Rhomberg, Owner Board Rhomberg Sersa Rail Group

The model landscape of the construction site settings

Drawing of a railway line


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