Morphing clip for Porsche

the car that nobody needs but everybody wants*

Camera with a blue Porsche

*Ferry Porsche, son of the company founder Ferdinand Porsche, once said of the 911, “Nobody needs one, but everybody wants one”.

In October 1964, Porsche unveiled its 901 model for the first time at the Paris Motor Show. 901? Yes, you read that right. That was the model designation of the original 911. However, Peugeot always had a zero in the middle of their three-digit model designations and intervened. In the end, Porsche settled on the number “one” – and since then, the 911 has been making the dreams of many sports car enthusiasts come true.


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The myth of the 911 model

53 years and seven generations of models later, the one millionth classic Porsche rolled off the production line. An event that was cause for great celebration back in Porsche’s headquarters in Zuffenhausen. It was only right that the premiere featured the fitting one-and-a-half minute morphing clip – a joint production by stodt and our partner, jump medien.

A classic-modern presentation of vehicle history – seven generations of models at a glance: Original model, G model, models 964, 993, 996, 997 and 991

An immortal design

Across seven generations of models: The 911 design remains unmistakable. The first 911 defined the basic form. Even when the technology was developed further, the characteristic silhouette and key features remained. The transitions from generation to generation are seamless.

In order to depict this journey and the smooth evolution of the design over the decades, each original image was blurred on the computer, transitioning to a corresponding intermediate image and using linear interpolation to map these.

Black and white shot of the Porsche with the cameraman
Several covered Porsches in a hall
Impressions from shooting with Porsche and the camera crew
Black and white close-up of a Porsche
Cameraman crouched down

“The 911 is the only car that you can drive from an African safari to Le Mans, then to the theatre and onto the streets of New York.”

– Ferry Porsche

Porsche profile on a black background


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