Project Management

Project Manager

Project Manager – Degree in Nutritional Sciences – Motivation Anchor

This is Alexandra, our Project Manager.

With her degree in nutritional sciences, she blends in well with her diverse group of colleagues at stodt. What she does for us? She tracks, structures and delegates tasks. And she keeps all of her creative colleagues motivated and sometimes makes decisions (for them). Find out in the interview why she loves her job and what makes her tick.

Warm-up question for getting started:

What’s your name?


Titles, titles, titles:

What is your job title?

Project Manager

Master, Dipl.-Ing. or Dr. med.:

What is your educational title, meaning what did you actually study?

Dipl.-Oecotroph. (Specialist in Nutritional Sciences) – so I’m an expert on everything and nothing.

What everyone has always wanted to know:

What do you do at stodt?

Managing projects

Look behind the scenes:

What can you do and why?

I know how to track, structure and delegate tasks. I support my creative colleagues with their creative jobs by sparing them from the annoying non-creative chores, and (hopefully) I motivate them. I like to keep track of things and on occasion make problems disappear. My good decision-making skills help me do that. Also, I like to keep an eye on the figures (key terms: in time, in budget, in money).

Why I can do this? Because they let me do my thing.

Experience is a good thing, too:

How long have you been with stodt?

Since 2017

Customers, machines, pixels, a warm office or coffee:

Why are you passionate about your job?

My activities are extremely varied. One day is never like the last, and I am completely free to organise my tasks and work days. I run my projects independently, and the company places enormous trust in me. I like the mix of organisational, strategic, numbers-based but also creative work. But the best part: working in a team! I can’t imagine doing a job that isn’t based on teamwork. The fact that in this case it’s creative teamwork – jackpot!

Be honest, but not so honest we have to censor your answer:

What gets on your nerves sometimes?

When I lose my sacred notebook for the nth time in a day. And unfortunately also: When everyone wants a piece of me at the same time – the phone rings constantly, e-mails arrive by the second, Teams escalates ... And then if I don’t have my notebook, it’s all a drag!


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