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Content marketing is the key term that describes two decades of “road construction” at the stodt agency. What we mean is: together with our customers in the marketing, service and development departments of the companies we work for, we examine new machines, special features or new functions, develop concepts and create content.

Content that provides a real benefit to our clients’ customers as they work with the technology.

Diversified – our solutions for the sector

Functions of the machines

Functional principles, machine ergonomics, exchange of key components, mode of operation, comfort and assistance functions – when it comes to machines, electronics and physics, in-depth familiarity and understanding of the technology are basic prerequisites. The fact that we understand this is evidenced by interactive multimedia applications, sophisticated 3D animations and reference books which help the user to get to know and understand the machines.

Meeting on the cold milling machine manual

The “Dash 3” paver generation

  • VÖGELE “Dash 3” paver generation

Image from pick animation

  • WIRTGEN pick animations

Super SprayJet 1800

  • VÖGELE SUPER 1800-3i SprayJet

Operating concepts

Switches, buttons, controllers and displays – while the operating concepts that act as interfaces between man and machine are getting more and more intuitive, the tasks users are faced with on a road construction site are growing more and more complex at the same time. Our work on this topic addresses this trend and illustrates the various operating concepts by means of interactive applications.


  • WIRTGEN Level Pro


VÖGELE Niveltronic Plus

  • VÖGELE Niveltronic Plus

HAMM EasyDrive

  • HAMM EasyDrive

Work processes at the construction site

How does a road construction site actually work? Who all is involved? What technology highlights are available to support the workers? Automation, digitisation, assistance systems, autonomous controls – the construction site of tomorrow is digital, networked, and supports the operator with countless tools, which have to be conveyed. Reducing the complex, knowing the starting situation and challenges of the target groups and communicating on the right channels – such seemingly non-engineering topics in particular require special explanation.

Screenshot Navitronic

  • VÖGELE Navitronic Plus 3D

VÖGELE AutoSet Plus

  • VÖGELE AutoSet Plus

Spare and original parts information

Why are original spare parts better than those sold by the competition? How do they differ from less expensive imitation products? Regardless of whether the advantages are material or structural in nature – parts marketing is all about the right argumentation. Structure and function, wear characteristics as well as maintenance and servicing tips are just some of the topics we have addressed in various media formats – from brochures and parts catalogues to explanatory animations and even entire campaigns.

WIRTGEN GROUP Parts and More

WIRTGEN GROUP winter flyer

  • WIRTGEN GROUP special campaigns


  • WIRTGEN GROUP postcards

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