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Powerful machines, optimised processes, innovative forward-looking solutions

The late 1990s: our first projects in the field of railway technology and track infrastructure also mark our start in the engineering industry. This is where it all started, and all that follows developed from these beginnings. We learned and understood: this business is undergoing enormous transformation and needs new communication channels. Mechanisation and automation have long become standard; digitisation is advancing by leaps and bounds. Machine technology is developing at breakneck speed, processes and systems interlock and are becoming more and more complex in an effort to create cost- and time-efficient solutions for safe and high-performing railway infrastructure.

All this takes some explaining and demands our in-depth understanding and intensive familiarisation – not just with the subject matter in general but also with the specifications of a wide range of machines and systems.

Recognise the challenges – create commu­nication solutions

More than 20 years of working in a sector that has its own laws and rules – this experience has shaped us and taught us to recognise the essentials.

Diversified – our solutions for the sector

Mecha­nisation and auto­mation – explaining work processes

High-tech track construction machines that work individually or in concert to accelerate the construction process and make optimum use of tight time frames – these are the key to time- and cost-efficient track construction solutions. Illustrating processes, explaining machine technology, visualising challenges, solutions and benefits – we show what’s possible and how it’s done.

Sersa Second Life System

Sersa Group Management AG:

SLS Sersa Second Life System: patented process for renovating track and switch systems. It saves time and money.

Snapshot from the 3D animation

The ballastless track:

The documentation of an installation in a construction project demonstrates the effectiveness and efficiency of the system. A mix of 3D animation and real footage.

Digi­tisation in track con­struction – the topic of the future

How are construction processes changing, and what possibilities are emerging due to digitisation in areas like maintenance management and safety? Innovative concepts are revolutionising railway construction. We react accordingly and use the latest technological tools to visualise customer innovations.

Presentation of the safety concept

Rhomberg Sersa Rail Group:

New, digital safety systems aid the work of safety personnel and alert workers to oncoming trains. We created a model landscape and used a mixed-reality application to project an entire construction setting onto it – including workers, construction machinery and safety staff – and showed how the new safety system works in the real world.

Image and infor­mation – high-quality printed products

Underscore selling points with high-quality tactile and visual materials: large-format images, technical drafts, 3D graphics, concise wording and different types of paper. This is how we convey image, value and quality. Print is out? Not at all.

Brochures for Zweiweg

Zweiweg Schneider GmbH & Co. KG:

Image brochure. More than 20 years old and still a gem ...

Plasser brochure

Plasser & Theurer:

Photomontages, 3D renderings and cool visual aesthetics combine to create high-end brochures for high-end machines. From the general to the particular, from key fact to technological detail – this is how selling points come to life.

Show things that don’t even exist yet

Impressive sales materials for products about to be launched. Multimedia or printed – we analyse what makes sense for you and which communication tool will satisfy your requirements.

Open Windhoff brochure

Windhoff Bahn und Anlagentechnik:

Spark curiosity about a two-way truck. Photorealistic 3D graphics based on CAD data are presented to their fullest advantage and combined with technical drafts and transparent views. The fascinating presentation of a new two-way vehicle.

Video about Vossloh

Vossloh Rail Services:

Successful symbiosis of 3D animation and real footage for the semi-stationary welding unit. Authentic and interesting: a realistic and exciting way to convey pivotal content.

On track – a grand appearance

Our product and image films show how rail technology companies ensure that railway lines are maintained to guarantee trouble-free rail traffic. Good storytelling is a must to entertainingly combine emotion, drama and hard facts.

Video about Sersa

Rhomberg Sersa Rail Group:

A company’s entire range of services – embedded in a thrilling story. This is how track construction is brought to life and explained.

Still from the metre-gauge film

Sersa Group:

Technology and expertise in the metre-gauge field. Our film shows how Sersa Group masters geographical and weather-related challenges. The exceptional performance behind it – of both man and machine – is illustrated in the six-minute clip with spectacular footage, some of it based on drone technology. Technical explanations and basic information provide even the layperson with a good idea of how rough the world of track building still is today.

Recruiting video of Sersa

One film – two intentions:

The image film of Sersa Switzerland provides comprehensive insights into the range of specialised professions in the industry. Our post-production team used available material to create a recruiting video. Content utilisation at its finest.

Trade fair support

The complete package: Stand conception and design, a generous reception area, meeting rooms, digital presentation spaces, catering, multimedia content, wall prints – our concepts consider all facets of a successful trade fair presence. On-site staff and supporting measures included.

Trade fair stand at InnoTrans 2018

Rhomberg Sersa Rail Group:

Trade fair stand at InnoTrans 2018 : well presented with 256 m² total floor space

Landing page for InnoTrans 2020

Landing pages:

Journey to Berlin – the special page for InnoTrans 2020. Accompanying newsletters and social media activities help to attract visitors.

Expert interview

Expert interviews – heigh­tening anti­cipation:

In video interviews, specialists from the various departments explain the expertise of Rhomberg Sersa Rail Group.

More “heart for steel”


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