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Our job: Link

between customer and user

What really counts for our customers’ customers in the plant engineering sector: a capable system with a high level of availability and lasting quality. Our customers unquestionably satisfy these requirements. Our job is to adequately communicate exactly that to the outside – to become the link between the builders of plants and their future users. Without question, a responsible undertaking. Special features, details and processes have to be explained, benefits have to be identified and presented in an engaging fashion.

Indivi­dual con­cepts

rather than standard solutions

Demands placed on us are as individual as our customers’ plants and services. Standard solutions are not an option – at least not for us. We always focus on identifying a requirement, understanding it and finding a suitable solution: What exactly do you need to communicate? What goal are you striving to achieve? We find the right solution for you and implement it directly.

Here are some examples of previous projects for customers in the plant engineering sector.

Moving images and explana­tory videos

Plants are investment goods that have to be explained. How is a plant structured? What can it do? What are its individual components? And most importantly: How does it benefit your customers? In videos such as our short explanatory clip on concrete curing for KRAFT CURING, we answer such questions visually and concisely. The way the information is ultimately presented – be it in a sober documentary style or playfully as in this case – is determined entirely by individual requirements.

Graphic from the video for Kraft Curing


Technology and plants for controlled concrete curing. Our explanatory video playfully shows what really counts in concrete curing and the positive effects of KRAFT CURING solutions on quality and efficiency.

Virtual worlds

for realistic insights

When communication needs to be particularly vivid, we often use virtual, mixed or augmented reality applications to explain our customers’ products or plants. The possibilities are limitless.

Kobra model garden

KOBRA Formen:

In this example, the aim was to give visitors of the KOBRA Technology Symposium a realistic experience of KOBRA Formen’s individual paving stone designs. The VR application of a virtual model garden was the ideal solution – including user instruction by our stodt operator.

Key visuals, corporate commu­nication and design

Smart sales strategies with appropriate visualisation are the key to success. Sales-oriented B2B communication that presents your company, products and services in the best possible light requires thoughtful and coherent brand communication. The basis: characteristic and brand-building key visuals such as product pictograms, and consistent, specifically tailored corporate design – which we like to realise with extraordinary images that break with classic industry expectations. Because it draws attention and sticks in the mind.

Kraft key visual on transporter


Development of characteristic key visuals for all products

Kraft CI on office materials


Development and implementation of the CI

Kraft Flyer

Strategic concepts for KRAFT CURING:

Clearly define and describe goals, choose instruments carefully, coordinate them perfectly and produce strong content.

Printed products

for tangible images

Let’s analyse together which type of sales material makes sense for you and what communication tools satisfy your needs and requirements. Perhaps it’s a product flyer or an image or product brochure including matching folders. Tactile and sophisticated printed products convey image, value and quality. This is why they are still more than relevant today and one of stodt’s specialities.

Kraft brochures


Multi-lingual product flyers and brochures. The style of a technical draft is perfect for illustrating the complex process of large-chamber concrete curing in print media.

Web design

according to the latest usability requirements

Your internet presence needs a makeover? We rely on responsive websites and multimedia wow factors – always consistent, user-friendly and of course multi-lingual.

Kraft website on mobile devices


A fresh look for the website

Trade fair and event concepts

for an engaging presence

When it comes to trade fairs, stodt offers the complete package – tailor-made, unconventional and exciting. Based on your needs and requirements, we take care of everything from stand conception and design all the way to on-site staffing and supporting measures. From the beginning, we consider all the facets of a successful trade fair presence: a generous reception area, meeting rooms, digital presentation spaces, catering, multimedia content and wall prints.

KOBRA trade fair stand

KOBRA trade fair stand

Everyday helpers

your offer is just a few clicks away

Apps and applications can make your sales a lot easier. For example: Concrete manufacturers can use the proposal configurator we developed for KRAFT CURING to assemble a customised NAUTILUS™ air circulation system from individual components that are ideally suited to their own plants and production conditions.

PDF configurator


Our configurator prepares an overview of all necessary components. This overview can be requested as a PDF proposal with function descriptions and prices – a generically prepared PDF file is then sent automatically.

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